Scandalous Affairs, Messy Heartbreaks, and Even Kidnappings!

Is this a telenovela?! No! It's the real life relationships of penguins at the Sumida Aquarium (すみだ水族館) in Tokyo!

Sumida Aquarium recently released it's 2022 penguin correlation chart. Here are the highlights listed on their website:

  • Bad boy & girl couple "Potechi" & "Ringo" raised "Bonbori" into a really nice adult. The only issue? "Bonbori" isn't their daughter!

  • Married male, "Maron" is VERY popular with the ladies, but he hasn't crossed the line yet! Risk aversion skills are needed for this one!

  • "Peach" already knows that her husband is having a love affair. He's been bringing a girl to their bedroom when she is out! The zookeepers can't do anything about it but keep their eyes on them

  • "Kiriko", "Anzu", "Chochin", & "Omochi" don't quite like the new zookeeper, Mr. Sato. Well...That's life!

2022 Sumida Aquarium penguin correlation chart
2022 Sumida Aquarium penguin correlation chart

Need help reading the key? Red hearts denote couples, blue broken hearts are ended affairs, a purple heart with a question mark signifies complicated relationships, a yellow penguin face indicates friendship while a teal penguin face indicates they are enemies.

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